Wednesday 30 September 2015


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And lastly, we have my novella, RELENTLESS LORD, released August 2015.

This is actually a prequel to the other three stories.


Though he had just seen her not fifteen minutes earlier, the sight of her again nearly stopped his breath. Especially when her light steps faltered at realizing everyone had gone on without her. She stopped and stood looking about, a bit dumbfounded, a handkerchief pinched lightly between her fingers.

Miles jumped to his feet then and began a jaunty stroll across the lawn.

“Miss Walpole, a lovely morning, is it not?”

She looked at him, eyes wide and wary, clearly not having noticed him before that moment. But now that she had seen him, she shifted her weight back and forth, as though trying to decide if she should stay or run. Lucky for him, her indecision allowed him the time he needed to reach her side.

She tipped her head back to see him from beneath the wide rim of her bonnet.

“Lord Whitely, I had not expected to see you about so early in the day. I thought rakes and libertines preferred to stay abed past the noon hour.”

“Ah, that is only when we have a delightful companion with whom to while away those pesky morning hours. And I was sadly quite alone in my bed last night.”

“How terrible for you,” she muttered as she shifted her gaze to scan the wood line and lane for any sign of the departed party.

“Indeed. And since you were the cause of my cold bed, I fully expect you to make it up to me.”

That brought her attention swinging back to him. Her blue eyes were bright with surprise and her lovely mouth dropped open. “Wait. What?”

“It seems we both missed the group heading for the vale. Will you keep me company on the walk?”

Her gaze narrowed as she eyed him askance. “What have you done with everyone?”

“Nothing,” he replied, all smiling innocence, “but I do know where they went. We should be able to catch up to them quite easily. Will you accept my escort?”

Her hesitation should have bruised his ego, but Miles found he rather liked that she did not trip over herself for the opportunity to be alone with him. Many young ladies would have. Many young ladies had at some point or another in the past.