Wednesday 30 September 2015

Excerpt: ROGUE COUNTESS, released July 2012

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Since this is a new website, I thought I would take an opportunity to provide a short excerpt from each of my published books to date.

First up is ROGUE COUNTESS, released Juy 2012

This was my debut novel and the first in my series with Samhain Publishing.


Eight years had lent her husband a certain refined maturity. At thirty years old, he was as fit as he had ever been. Actually, he looked even stronger and more imposing. No longer a carefree youth, the layers of Jude’s experiences had made him appear harder somehow, and darker.

Anna’s stomach clenched with trepidation and a delicate shiver chased across her skin. She ignored it and studied him more intently through the slits in her mask. It was more than maturity, she acknowledged. It was something intrinsic in his person, in his entire way of being. His demeanor was stiff, as if he were discomfited by his surroundings.

As if he didn’t want to be here. 

The iron bands of foreboding that had cinched around her chest when she had heard news of his return tightened mercilessly. It had taken her years to squirm out from beneath the oppressive and humiliating yoke of her disastrous marriage. But she had done it with a stubborn determination she hadn’t known she possessed before she had been challenged to find her own bliss. And now, she looked upon the one person in the world who had the full power to take away everything she had strived to attain.

Her hands curled into tight fists and she swallowed past the hard lump in her throat. Why had he decided to come back now? An honorable son would have returned more than a year ago upon the death of his father. Did he ever consider the young bride he had left behind? The scandalous details of his travels that had filtered back to England over the years suggested otherwise.