Reformed Rakes Box Set

They’re Wicked, Dangerous, and Brazen. What would you do to Reform a Rake?

Are you ready to meet the Reformed Rakes?

Three Regency Romance Novellas

Three infamous rakes who vowed never to get caught in the matrimonial trap.

Oh, how the mighty shall fall!


An idealistic wallflower convinces a wicked rake to help her impress the elite society he despises.


A hedonistic rake is in danger of losing his heart when he sets out to seduce a reclusive historian.


A rake known for his seductive charm marries the one woman determined to resist his brazen smile.

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 "If you don’t want steamy, back away! There was four best friends, all noble, but when the first marries the other three vow to continue their lives of debauchery, but fate says otherwise!! Very enjoyable books." - Amazon Reviewer

"This was a great change of pace. The characters were interconnected, but each story could stand on its own. The women were delightful individuals. The men were RAKES, or so they loudly proclaimed; the surprise (for them) about their hidden values and strengths was well developed. A little spicy at times, but a fun read." - Amazon Reviewer

"Rakes make the best husbands. The books in this book were easy and very enjoyable to read. It was the first time that I have read any books by this author and I will definitely follow up with her books." - Amazon Reviewer