Three infamous rake who vowed to never get caught in the matrimonial trap. Oh, how the mighty shall fall...

Are you ready to meet the Reformed Rakes?

An idealistic wallflower convinces a wicked rake to help her impress the elite society he despises.

Haylie Dellacourt is determined to escape her wallflower status. Persuading London’s most cynical rake to show an interest in her, will prove to the ton she is worth their attention. What she doesn’t expect is how his bold whispers and sinful touch make her forget everyone else in the room.

Roman Thorne, Marquess of Granville, is as wicked as they come. He warns the persistent Miss Dellacourt an involvement with him will lead to only scandal and ruin. Though he desires to claim her for his own, he is determined to keep her at a distance for her sake as well as his own. 

While Haylie gains the social acceptance she thought she wanted, she loses her heart to the dark-eyed rogue who saw her value when no one else could. Can a stubbornly optimistic wallflower convince a disillusioned rake to reserve his wicked ways for her alone and accept the forever kind of love is theirs for the taking?

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"Haylie and Romans’ story is a delight. Well crafted believable characters with a simple story of how a Wallflower wooed a Rake." - Amazon Reviewer