Bewitching the Beast

Can a man cloaked in anger and a woman terrified to love find each other through the shadows and learn to trust despite their fears?

Cursed to be alone.

The violence and despair of her childhood taught Margot Spencer one thing—love brings only heartbreak and destruction. To avoid the tragic fate of her parents, she will never marry and never love. Then one reckless night forces her to accept marriage in name only to an enigmatic man who inspires her most passionate desires and her deepest fears.  

Imprisoned by the past.

Nicholas Vane is known for being reclusive, cruel, and heartless. But from his very first encounter with the inquisitive and mysterious Miss Spencer, he finds himself bewitched by her midnight gaze. After a night he cannot forget, he’ll do his duty and give her his name. But the pain of a past betrayal ensures that he can never allow her to possess his heart.

Fearing what they most desire.

In a mansion once neglected and lost to time, Margot and Nicholas struggle to create a future home while denying their feelings. But love and fear have ways of making themselves known. Will a man cloaked in anger and a woman terrified to love embrace the light within their shadows and claim the happiness they deserve?

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