Ruining the Rake

Motivated by secrets, scandal, and treachery… One sacrifices their future to avenge evils of the past. The other forfeits their honor to protect a scandalous secret.

A Rake with a Secret.

The Honorable Reginald Vane doesn’t mind being known throughout London as a self-indulgent libertine. Years of pleasure-seeking properly earned him the notoriety. He decided long ago that he’d rather everyone believe him to be an ignoble reprobate and womanizer than allow them to discover the truth—that his entire existence is a lie. 

A Woman of Wrath.

Cecily Fairclough has a reputation amongst the fashionable ton for being a veritable shrew. Women eye her askance. Men dare each other to approach her. But she wasn’t always a sharp-tongued harridan. Betrayal reformed her. And now she does all she can to keep others from the same fate. Even if it means trusting a ruinous rake. 

A Seductive Deception.

When Reginald and Cecily engage in a fake courtship in order to win a devious wager, they only think they know what’s truly at stake. She will sacrifice her future to avenge evils of the past. He will forfeit his honor to protect a scandalous secret. But neither of them expects to lose their heart in the bargain.

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