Friday 25 June 2021

Peril & Persuasion series
An intriguing new series!

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Peril & Persuasion

My latest series is full of steamy romance

set amidst the danger and mystery of London's darker side. 


Noble Scoundrel

A ruthless scoundrel of London’s East End takes on the unlikely role of bodyguard for a daring young noblewoman and her brother. Together, they risk their hearts and their lives to uncover a sinister plot in the heart of Mayfair.

Tender Blackguard

An intrepid housekeeper intent upon justice and an enigmatic lord determined to purge the demons from his past must work together if they have any hope of destroying an arcane society hidden deep within the shadows of glittering Mayfair. 

The Secrets He Keeps

Callista Hale is the formidable Madam of London’s most elite brothel. To crush a rival gentlemen’s club, she’ll accept a wicked offer from the club’s mysterious and sensual owner.

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