Friday 19 November 2021
Posted by:  10:42 AM CST

I will be launching a new spin-off series in the first part of 2022. I'm so excited to share some details on what to expect in these four (maybe more) new books!

Friday 25 June 2021
Posted by:  8:11 AM CST

Peril & Persuasion My latest series is full of steamy romance set amidst the danger and mystery of London's darker side. Noble Scoundrel A ruthless scoundrel of London’s East End takes on the unlikely role of bodyguard for a daring young noblewoman and her brother. Together, they risk their hearts and their lives (more)

Monday 2 November 2020
Posted by:  10:00 AM CST

Noble Scoundrel is the first book in my new Peril & Persuasion series and it is now available in Amazon KU!

Saturday 26 August 2017
Posted by:  4:08 PM CST

My debut series, REGENCY ROGUES, had been released in updated format with brand new covers!

Saturday 18 March 2017
Posted by:  2:46 PM CST

As many readers are probably already aware, as of March 1st, Samhain Publishing Ltd. closed up shop. I am saddened by the loss of my first publisher. I only had wonderful experiences with each of my four releases through them. My editor with Samhain, Heidi Moore, was a great person (more)