Monday 28 December 2015

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Pinterest board - LUCK IS NO LADY

As I believe most authors do, I like to have some visual inspiration while writing. In regard to the hero/heroine, it is nice to have a physical muse to help imagine and describe facial expressions or mannerisms, etc. For Luck is No Lady, the first title of my new series coming out next year, I found the perfect actors to visually inspire me as representations for Emma and Roderick and I kept their pictures posted beside my computer while writing their story.

I love Amy Adams as a muse for Emma Chadwick. She is an amazingly versatile actress and it was easy to see her as the dutiful and ever-composed eldest Chadwick sister.

Amy Adams as Emma Chadwick

For Roderick Bentley, I chose Tom Welling as my visual inspiration. I had never watched him in Smallville, but there is no denying the power of that stare!

Tom Welling as Roderick Bentley

If you'd like to see more images I referred to while writing Luck is No Lady, please visit the Pinterest board I created.  

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